About Us

7 Key Questions

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, How Much…

Who are we?
We are your best friends, with decorating benefits.
What do we do?
We take the simplest of things and use them to make a striking statement.
Where do we do it?
With a full tank of gas, who knows where you will see our HotHouse van pull up next! From Chicago to New Orleans, Birmingham and beyond, we keep the roads Hot.
Why do we do what we do?
We believe in our promises. We make promises to our clients to provide the best customer service while delivering dynamic design. We do it because we love it. We do it because we are passionate people.
How do we do it?
It takes our blooming brains and our manpower muscles to get the job done! We have hand-selected quite the amazing team of talent that makes the how happen.
How much?
Well, that is the question, isn’t it. How much is “it”?
“It” is the experience. We evaluate every request on a custom basis. We have no packages and we have no hidden fees. We guarantee we will take care of you and your pocket book.

Birmingham Floral Artist - HotHouse Design Studio
Hothouse Design Studio - Alabama Floral Studio
Birmingham Floral Artist - HotHouse Design Studio
Birmingham Floral Artist - HotHouse Design Studio

We have many diverse requests as to how we can display our colorful floral creativity. We have our hands in everything from daily deliveries to floral fashion, from the wedding altar to the black tie galas.

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