Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Mandy. I’m the leader of this dynamic design team. This great flower love affair began growing up in my Grandmother’s flower shop. I’m a third generation floral artist and businesswoman who has always been creative at heart and motivated to make the world a little more beautiful. I’ve built this business with my firm handshake and flair for the attention to detail. I have hand-selected every member of this team from near and far to come and add their expertise to give our clients the ultimate HotHouse experience.

Our team is made up of smart and savvy, stylish people. People you’d love to meet. People you’d love to have a cup of coffee with. People you can trust with the most important day of your life.

Mandy Majerik
Mandy Majerik

Mandy Majerik (AIFD, PFCI)

Founder, Creative Director
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Gemini, Dreamer, Master Delegator, Dog Lover and Bride’s Best Friend.

Jessica Morris
Jessica Morris

Jessica Morris (AIFD)

Lead Designer & Business Affairs
Imported from Louisville, Kentucky. Gemini, Google Expert, Phone Personality, Starbucks Supporter, and lover of all animals.

Shawn Foley
Shawn Foley

Shawn Michael Foley (AIFD, PFCI)

Lead Designer & Content Creator
Imported from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Scorpio, Northern Voice of Reason, Master Halo Maker, Photoshop Guru. Dog Lover and HotHouse Coffee Club President.

Lauren Kimbrel

General Manager
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Virgo. Keeper of the Card. Concert Enthusiast and Llama Lover.

Ashlyn Odom

Assistant General Manager
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Leo. Check List Maker. Hothouse Giggle Box, Social Media Guru, Miss Figure it Out and Dog Lover.

Kate Tankersley

Kate Tankersley

PropHouse Manager
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Scorpio, Hothouse Personal GPS, The HotHouse story teller, Live Music Lover. Cat Lover.

Greg Farrell

Warehouse Manager
Imported from Indianapolis, Indiana. Taurus. HotHouse coach. House Dad, Mr. Fix It All, Councilman, and Cat Lover.

Grace Harmon

Floral Designer
Imported from Louisville, Kentucky. Cancer. World Traveler. Greenhouse Admirer. Outdoor Adventurer and Cat Lover.

Sheri Ferrell
Sheri Ferrell

Sheri Farrell

Floral Designer
Imported from Alabaster, Alabama. Libra, House Mother, HotHouse Seamstress, Motown Music Lover. Cat Lover.

Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson

Prophouse Coordinator
Imported from Eva, Alabama. Cancer. Master Painter. Project Completer, Ministry Worker, and lover of all animals (except reptiles)

Brad Mosley

PropHouse Support
Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Cancer. Master Forklift Operator, Warehouse Singer, Live Music Extraordinaire. Father of Two. Orca Whale Lover.

Debbie Harkins

Appointment Coordinator
Imported from Columbia, Tennessee. Pisces. Researcher of all things. Gatekeeper. HotHouse Cheerleader. Lover of both Dogs and Cats.


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